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Purple Balloons and Twin 3 pound Girls

The day those 2 came into my life was the greatest day I can ever remember.  Katrina and Hailey were born 2 months premature and weighed in at 3pds each. Yet, they carried the power of the universe in those tiny little hands. 

The first time I held one I will never forget (look at your hands when I talk about this to get the full impression) – their entire hands wrapped around my middle fingertip – their entire hand wrapped around my first knuckle.


So small, yet so many miracles at work within them.  They are now almost 4 years old and you would never know they were born so small or frail.  The power of love, nutrition and all the TLC possible brought them from where they were all bundled up in their incubators at the hospital to where they are today – terrorizing the cats, the neighbors kids and the local supply of purple balloons (one of their favorites).

Pretty well through most of this time I was also building my own small business and I quickly learned how many similarities there are to raising kids as there are to raising a business. 

You have to learn to crawl before walking, and walking before running. 

There are no shortcuts (every once in a while you do hear of someone that broke the “rules” but it is more common than not to have to follow the rules.

Being twins, they also have some unique qualities and situations that remind me of marketing my business.  Making my business different than others is very important to me and I am always working on new ways to get better at it. 

I even wrote a book about my discoveries with raising my small business in comparison to raising my kids and have received great reviews (www.profit-secrets.com)..

What struck me most though was how powerful we truly are when we look to a higher power for help.  Those tiny little 3 pound babies were put on this earth for a reason (and neither me or my wife have twins in the family so it was a complete surprise). 

They are as strong as any other 4 year old yet they started out at a serious disadvantage.

When you look to a higher power for help – you will receive what you ask for.  As long as you trust and believe that it will come. 

When those 2 were born – all I asked for was health.  As long as they were healthy – I was happy.  And I got what I asked for because I KNEW deep inside that they were healthy – and would continue to be so.

With my business, I have asked for help numerous times.  Many times I got what I asked for. Other times I didn’t.  When I look back on why some things didn’t happen as I had asked for – it was mainly because I was not trusting that it would happen. Those times when I knew deep to the core that it would happen – it did.

My advice to you is – when you ask for higher powers to help you – believe they will help and trust that it will come in due time. 

But, do not sit back and wait for it. 

Go out and actively go in search of your dreams as well.  It gives the universe many more outlets to help you with when you are already helping yourself.

Help yourself and the universe will double your investment in yourself.

It did for Katrina and Hailey and it did for my business.

And it will for you too.

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