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Being the role model for your twins…

What kind of a role model did I want to be for my kids ? Of course you want to be the educator, the disciplinarian,  the nurturer, the motivator and for me I really wanted to be some of the fun in their lives.  I like to laugh and I think most people do – although some people you would never know had ever laughed before in their life – you know who you are – lighten up !

It is a crazy world you brought these children into – now how are you going to make it less harsh to them ?  Laughter can get all of us through even the most trying times. But it is not easy to keep that sense of humor in the bas or stressful times.  What I am saying is that you have to try – and try hard too.  Laughter can add years to a persons life and take years off their appearance also so is it not something you want you children to be raised with. And don’t say things like they can learn it later or from someone else – “my job is to be the disciplinarian.”


Are we not forgetting about the most important stage of all?  From day 1 to the school age!  Those are the days that will completely determine the type of kids you will have, the stress you will go through, the challenges your marriage will go through, the types of parents you will turn out to be etc…

And yet very few books I have ever seen deal with this. 

It is like teaching you how to get your phd before you have even been through elementary school – not much use.

You did WHAT ?!

You see at about 18 months I decided enough was enough and I quit my job. 

Pardon me?


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