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"Twin 3 Pound Girls Speak Out

About What It Took For Their Parents

To Survive The First Few Years of Raising Twins…"


Hi, my name is Katrina (me on the right) and this is my sister and best friend Hailey.  Welcome to our site we put together for our daddy Troy.  If you are a parent of twins (or soon to be)… this is the site for you.

We were born 2 months early and were a whopping 3 pounds each!

But, thanks to our parents love and attention, and the excellent staff at the hospital, we got all fattened up and sent on our way in no time.  Four and a half years later, here we are – healthy, happy, and very good writers for 4 years old – don’t you think?

Ok, maybe we aren’t writing this… but this is a message that you must understand if you are going to be raising your twins – and keeping your sanity.

Our mommy Kari, and our daddy Troy, are great people.

They love us to no end… and they do everything in their power to give us everything we want (more like we demand).  We love our mommy and daddy.

They are a little crazy though.

They read a LOT.  They are always trying to learn more and more about anything under the sun.  They both are writers – books, web sites, newsletters, advertisements etc. 

Great to have geeks as parents!

But, the one thing that always amazed the both of us is their passion to be the best parents possible.

They would read books, talk to people, read newsletters – whatever they could find on being a better parent of twins – they were there.

Twins, parenting twins - double your fun

The one thing they complained about though –

no good books about twins in the first few years of their lives.

There were lots of books about twins – but it was more about the pregnancy side (how twins are formed), and very little about dealing with the first few years of raising twins.

So my dad Troy got this idea to start writing down his own tips about raising twins. 

He’s silly by the way – thought we should warn you.

He has these crazy games he plays with us. 

Especially when we were younger – he would do the 8 second diaper change game. Very funny watching him race to get a diaper changed, bums wiped and clothed again in 8 seconds or less. 

Very funny to watch.

Anyhow, our mommy and daddy have put together a book on raising twins and keeping your sanity. The thing that is different though – the book ONLY focuses in on twins that are younger than 5 years old. 

dad and his girls - being a parent of twins is awesome!

Twins Info is designed to help you get through the first few years as a parent of twins.  They figured that those are the years when you will need all the help you can get. And if you can learn from some parents that have just gone through what you are about to go through – it definitely will help make things easier.

"Thank you for the book which I just finished reading. You have done a very good job. I especially liked all your suggestions of activities to keep them busy and ways of keeping your bills down and where to go to find the cheapest deals.

Also you pointed out important things like dangers - what to be careful about. (though that applies to having all small kids around, not just with twins).  You pointed out how important it was to find time for yourself and time to keep up your relationship with your partner. It was a good point to insist that you shouldn't be shy to ask for help."

Kitsy Joan

Now, we hear it all the time – raising twins is no different that raising siblings. 

Wrong, wrong, wrong. 

We are not like ordinary brothers or sisters. 

  • We are best of friends and have been since before we were even born (we beat each other up pretty good while still in our mommy’s tummy. 
  • We are worst of enemies at times (ok, that may the same as siblings). 
  • We are part of a group that makes up less than 3% of the entire North American population – makes us very unique we think. 
  • We love to do the same things – and are always interested in the same types of things. 
  • We always have our best friend at our side. 
raising twins, best friend twins

Our parents had no where to; find out how best to feed twins, bath twins, shop with twins, go to the doctors with twins, clothe twins, love twins independently, name twins, teach twins, and probably what is most important to our parents – keep us out of trouble as twins (we tend to get in twice as much of it, and can get into a lot more things when we team up together :o).

So, back to our silly dad. 

He went out to twins groups and got their tips. He asked a lot of different parents of twins about their best-kept secrets of raising their twins. And him and mom put their silly ideas and games down as well (like the 8 second diaper changes and the shelf tent invention).

All said and done – we are proud to have our parents share their advice with you today. 

We are only four and a half years old –

but we feel (so far) they have done a pretty good job with us.


If you are expecting twins – or have young twins now – pick up a copy of this book.  They priced it beyond cheap (as they know twins are expensive!). At only $9.95 for the ebook download – you cannot go wrong. 

  • One simple tip from this book that saves you an hour of sanity in the next 5 years will more than pay for the book. 
  • One simple tip from the book that saves you a hundred dollars while shopping – and the book is more than paid for. 
  • One simple tip from the book that gives your twins an additional hour of fun and games more than pays for the book. 
  • Or one simple tip that makes your life easier, and less stressful, while raising your twins – and this book is more than paid for.

Reserve yourself a digital copy today.

raising twins, twins help, premature twins

I also asked my dad to give you some extra goodies.  We like lots of stuff too and thought you may as well.

Look at what my silly dad is giving you for free.

  1. The Success Formula – not about raising twins but about being happy, healthy and wealthy in your life.  And if you can take some ideas from here that helps you be a better parent – the bonus book alone is more than worth the price of Twins Info. (value $5)
  2. Entrepreneurial Spirits – digital download book. My dad wrote this as well and he calls it the $10 Billion Dollar Book.  He interviewed 53 highly successful entrepreneurs about their thoughts on spirituality and success and the advice they gave is priceless. (Value – sells for $27 online right now)
  3. Million Dollar Multiples - the book our dad wrote on how to grow a business using the same ideas that he uses to raise us.  Some great ideas here!  Even Forbes has done a write up on our dad!

We told dad he can’t give away too much because we are growing girls and need clothes, shoes, toys, more toys, a swing set, and a plastic pool.  We are hoping you will reserve a copy and we promise to keep in touch with you.

Reserve Your Copy Today

And please, share your feedback, photos, and thoughts on raising your own twins – we would love to hear back from you.

For less than the price of a movie you can reserve a copy of the digital book Twins Info and have immediate access to the inner world of parents of twins.

They are weird and very silly at times,

but we still love them.


Twins are a blessing and we hope that our tips help you enjoy the experience that much more. 

To the best days of your lives,

Troy & Kari White

And of course, tons of hugs from Katrina & Hailey!

Reserve Your Copy Today

Twins, parenting twins - double your fun


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